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Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Sep• 15•16


The Recent Shootings: Conspiracy defense vs. Church Calendar offense

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jul• 30•16

  The recent shootingy: did the happen as advertised by the media … or not? I am always suspicious—and I will talk more about that—but either way, all of us are talking about the shootings. And that is where we get defeated. But there is a way to victory. Who sets the agenda? The agenda […]

Hillary covers up Lover’s death—detailed in new book.

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jun• 21•16

“Dean Arnold has a unique way of capturing the essence of an issue and communicating it through his clear but compelling style of writing.” —U.S. Senator Bob Corker Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Book $10.99      eBook  $5.88       Buy Print Book $10.99 Buy Amazon eBook  $5.88 The death by gunshot of Hillary Clinton’s lover, […]

Real Black Power – 12 things Ethiopian Orthodox Christians can teach American Christians

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jun• 08•16

        I just returned from a trip to Ethiopia. I have been enchanted with the country for years, due to its ancient Jewish and Christian traditions. My trip confirmed all my suspicions. Every American and every Christian should be aware of this great nation. Jesus said, “The last shall be first.” Ethiopia has […]

Dean’s List of 21 Reasons to be an Orthodox Christian.

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - May• 10•16

  Important caveats: This is Dean’s List. I do not speak for the Orthodox Church. I love the people and forebearers of my Protestant heritage. I believe some Orthodox are going to hell, and some non-Orthodox to heaven. This is about truth and love, not eternal destiny. I like to have a little fun when […]

Is it time for Kings to replace Democracy? Four arguments from a Christian viewpoint.

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Apr• 26•16

Same-sex marriage. Abortion and infanticide by the millions. Brazen occult imagery at the Olympic ceremonies, the Grammy Awards, and the Oscars. Teaching sodomy to our five year olds in public schools. Allowing monuments to Satan in public places. The body politic seems to have gone insane. While the idea of restoring monarchism to government may sound […]

Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: aspects of their personal lives you may not know—an interview with Oxford Professor Timothy Ware (Bishop Kallistos)

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Apr• 14•16

When I was in Oxford, England, I had the privilege of interviewing Oxford Professor Timothy Ware (now Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of the Orthodox Church, at the time Bishop.) He is the author of The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way, two of the most popular books in the world on Orthodoxy. He was also a […]

A comprehensive Christian worldview on Geopolitics, Corruption, Conspiracy, and the Supernatural. (Dean interviews Jay Dyer.)

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Apr• 09•16

Monday this week I had the opportunity to interview Jay Dyer (youtube and audio mp3 links here and below), author of and Esoteric Hollywood—intellectual, thinker, conspiracy theorist, geopolitical pundit, theologian and philosopher (he just recently finished ten lectures on Plato’s Republic). Many of you likely cringe at including all those other words along with “conspiracy […]

Is this the End Times? What has the Church always taught?

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Mar• 31•16

The future. Do we plan for it? Do we “take no care for tomorrow, for it has enough trouble of it’s own?” Do we watch the news for clues of whether we are approaching the End Times? Are we close? As one speaker I once heard put it, many Christians today say, “We’re gonna fly, they’re […]

Franky Schaeffer: a confused conundrum.

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Aug• 10•15

Franky Schaeffer is a difficult conundrum. I invited him to speak at Covenant College in the mid-80’s when I was a student and spent three days with him. He was very sharp, well read, not much of a sense of humor. Sensitive to what people thought (even though he loved to irritate them). He gave […]